What is the craniosacral system?

The system is made up of membranous layers, three in total, that attach from the inside of the skull and go down the spine to the sacrum and tailbone. The membranes protect the spinal cord. A fluid called cerebrospinal fluid flows along the membranes lubricating them allowing them to move with the spine, also supplying the spine with nutrients as well as performing waste removal. 

What is the craniosacral pulse?

The subtle rhythm created by the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid along the spine. A light touch is needed to detect this subtle pulse (approximately the weight of a nickel). The pulse can’t be detected if heavy pressure is used. 

How will such light touch be effective?

The body has it’s own corrective abilities. The therapist uses light fine-tuned palpatory skills to assist the body to self-correct. When too much pressure is used, the tissue will try to defend itself by tightening, therefore not allowing for the body’s self-correcting ability to work. That is why this type of treatment is so non-invasive and safe. There are very few treatment restrictions, unlike some other therapies. 

What do you charge?