About Fjola

My interest in Massage Therapy started with a friend giving me a how to book on massage techniques and I was hooked. 

I had completed a general Bachelor of Arts at Lakehead University and wondered what to do  with myself when an ex teacher I had had told me about a massage school he had gone to. He was now a practicing massage therapist. So I enrolled and never looked back. That was over 20 years ago! 

 It is a marvelous feeling to be able to make people happy and to see that you are getting results pretty much immediately. 

I have become fascinated with everything to do with the mechanics of the human body and it’s exceptional ability to self-correct. It has opened a whole new world of discovery for me. 

 In my practice I had been noticing a strange pulse unlike the usual circulatory pulse I knew, and discovered it was the CranioSacral pulse. I then studied Dr. John Upledger’s system of CranioSacral Therapy, which I have put into practice and continue to make this an ongoing learning experience. I am always looking for other forms of therapy that would be beneficial and can be incorporated into my treatments. 

A children’s television show called “ Mr. Dressup” always had a trunk called the “tickle trunk”
And whatever Mr. Dressup needed he would pull it out of this trunk. I would like to think that
I have a similar trunk filled with an array of healing modalities. 

I cannot imagine doing anything else. It is so rewarding and I enjoy the process of discovery. 

 “I aim to provide a safe professional and supportive environment where my clients feel cared for and in control of their treatment, and where together we find a way to achieve a state of wellness and healing, maintaining client confidentiality at all times.” – Fjola Hastings